Road Bikes


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      Are you looking for used racing bikes? Then you've come to the right place at VeloBird. In our online shop you will find beautiful second-hand racing bikes.

      What is a racing bike?

      A road bike is the fastest bike of all bikes. Thanks to the very narrow tires and rims, the low weight and the safe handlebars, you can achieve very high speeds. Other special features of a racing bike are the narrow racing saddle and the derailleur gears, some with over 27 gears. A racing bike does not require any equipment according to StVZO. Today the frame of most racing bikes is made of carbon or aluminum, only in exceptional cases are racing bikes made of steel.

      How much does a used racing bike cost?

      Similar to new racing bikes, the price range for used racing bikes is also very large. The advantage of a used racing bike over a new racing bike, on the other hand, is universal: the used bikes can be significantly cheaper. At VeloBird you will find used racing bikes from different price categories and years of construction. The older a racing bike is, the cheaper it becomes. Older used racing bikes, even if they are in very good condition, can be 60% cheaper than when they were bought new. Racing bikes that were only bought 1-2 years ago can even retain their value. This is due to the current delivery bottlenecks. VeloBird offers used racing bikes in the price range from 1,000 to 10,000 euros. You can find a good mid-range racing bike between 2,000 and 4,000 euros.

      What should you look out for when buying a used road bike online?

      Buying a used racing bike is not easy. Damage and defects that were not previously seen or concealed can quickly appear after purchase. Small cracks in the carbon frame or a bent fork can remain hidden. At VeloBird, every racing bike is checked and inspected for damage.

      You should also make sure that the bike is transported safely. Not every used racing bike can be picked up by the seller. Packing a bike well for shipping is not easy. VeloBird packs every bike professionally.

      Be sure to pay attention to guarantees! Unfortunately, guarantees and rights of return when buying a used racing bike from private individuals are rarely possible. VeloBird gives you guarantees and a 30-day right of return.

      Where do you buy a used road bike?

      At VeloBird you will find a very good selection of beautiful and high-quality racing bikes. Buying a used road bike from VeloBird has many advantages. We check every racing bike for defects and damage so that we can keep our promise of quality. We ship the bikes very quickly, well packaged and also insured. We offer our shipping worldwide. Payment is secure. With us you also get a 14-day right of return. This means that every purchase of a used road bike from VeloBird is easy, quick and safe.