Was ist mein Rennrad wert?

What is my racing bike worth?

What is my racing bike worth?

You have a nice racing bike and don't know how much you can sell it for? If you don't exactly know the sales value of your racing bike, the sale can be very tedious, or you sell it much too cheaply. In the following you will find out how you can best determine the value of your bike.

How much will my bike lose in value from the new price?

For a long time it was said that a new bike loses value as soon as you leave the bike shop after buying it. And after a year the value is only 70% of the original price. In many cases, however, this calculation no longer works today. You can find used bikes on Ebay that are sold for the new price after a year.

There are many reasons why the loss in value is so small compared to before. The two most important reasons are the current delivery bottlenecks in the bicycle market and, on the other hand, rising inflation. Inflation is also being driven by supply shortages. In addition to the logistical problems, the currently high demand for bicycles is increasing the delivery bottlenecks. So everything is quite complicated.

There are also bicycles that get more and more expensive over time, like a work of art or a vintage car. Representatives of these bikes are vintage racing bikes. With these bikes, the new price is almost irrelevant.

Ein Colnago Master Olympic

A Colnago Master Olympic. Nowadays, this racing bike can even fetch a higher price adjusted for inflation than the original price at the time.

The new price of your bike can give you an orientation, but it doesn't really help you. You should be guided by the market value.

How do I determine the market value of my bike?

Market value is the price buyers are willing to pay. If you want to sell a bike that is fairly new and still in production, all you have to do is look at how much it is selling for and then deduct percentages depending on its condition. The following table should provide you with a guide value

state % of the current new price
New, never driven 95
Perfect, rarely driven 85
Very good, hardly any signs of wear 75
Good, some signs of wear 65
It's still good, the first parts should be overhauled 60
Ok, roadworthy but needs a major overhaul 55
Defective, not roadworthy, major defects 40

Influence of the condition of the bike on the sale value.

If your bike is no longer manufactured, you can e.g. B look on ebay at what price other people are selling a bike like yours. If you can't find such a bike, you have to see if you can find a similar bike with similar equipment.

The hardest part is the vintage road bikes. Then you have to be an expert to determine the right value for these wheels. Even if e.g. B a Wilier, which for 3. 000 € is sold, looks almost exactly like your Wilier, so the smallest differences can ensure that you actually buy your Wilier 4. can ask for 500 €.

Wilier Triestina mit einer Campagnolo Super Record Ausstattung.

Wilier Triestina mit einer Campagnolo Super Record Ausstattung.

Both racing bikes are a Wilier Triestina with Campagnolo Super Record equipment. But the price difference is considerable 1. €500! Only experts know such market values.

The strategy of listing a bike very expensively at first is not advisable. On the one hand, people think that something is wrong with your bike when you have to continuously make it cheaper, and on the other hand, this strategy takes a lot of time and is nerve-wracking.

However, you can easily determine the exact value of your bike: ask someone who is familiar with it. The only difficulty is finding such experts - experts who have an eye on the market and who know bicycles.