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What different road bikes are there?

* Carsten Bach, VeloBird September 20, 2023

What different road bikes are there?

There are a variety of different types of road bikes that are suitable for different purposes. Starting with aero road bikes, which are designed for fast rides on the road thanks to their optimized aerodynamics, to endurance road bikes, which are also suitable for longer distances thanks to their comfortable ride. Factors such as weight, frame, tires and handlebars also play a role when choosing the right road bike. With gravel bikes there is even an opportunity to move quickly off-road and off-road. Whether you're looking for speed, comfort or a specific riding position, there's sure to be a road bike to suit your needs.

1. The classic road bike


A typical classic road bike. Here is a road bike from Rose.

The classic road bike is the epitome of speed and performance on the road. With its light frame and narrow tires, it allows high speed on asphalt roads.

The focus of the classic road bike is on the aerodynamic design in order to minimize air resistance while driving and thus enable faster riding. The seating position on the road bike is more sporty and tilted forward to ensure efficient power transfer to the pedals. The narrow handlebars allow for good control and stability, while the carbon-based frames offer optimal stiffness and weight distribution.

The classic road bike is particularly suitable for long distances on the road, whether in the city or in the country. Although it is primarily designed for paved roads, it can also be driven on light terrain as long as the tires are chosen accordingly.

The variety of road bike types allows every rider to find the model that suits their needs. The classic road bike is ideal for anyone who wants to ride fast and enjoy the freedom of cycling on the road. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, the classic road bike offers you a reliable and efficient riding experience.

2. The aero road bike


An aero road bike with a typical aero handlebar and wheels.

Another popular type of road bike is the aero road bike. This bike features an aerodynamic design that aims to minimize air resistance for a faster ride.

The frame and components of an aero road bike are often made from lightweight carbon to reduce weight and achieve optimal speed. A particularly important aspect of the aero road bike is the seating position. The riders adopt a forward-leaning position to better channel the airflow and minimize resistance. This allows them to go faster over long distances and optimize their performance.

Another special feature of the aero road bike is the special handlebars. This is often flat and wider than other types of road bikes to ensure improved aerodynamics. The tires are narrower and smoother, which also contributes to reduced air resistance. The aero road bike is particularly suitable for riders who like to ride fast and want to go on longer distances.

The aerodynamic design allows higher speeds to be achieved, making the driving experience even more exciting. However, the aero road bike is less suitable for off-road riding and over uneven roads because the design has not been optimized for this type of riding.

Overall, the aero road bike is an exciting choice for anyone who enjoys fast and efficient rides on flat tracks. The aerodynamic design, lightweight frame and special seating position allow riders to maximize their performance and get the most out of their road bike rides.

3. The time trial bike


A triathlon road bike in use

Another interesting type of road bike is the time trial bike, also known as a triathlon bike. These specialized bikes are characterized by their aerodynamic shape and their focus on speed. The time trial bike is designed to minimize air resistance and provide the rider with an optimal seating position.

The frame is usually made of lightweight carbon to reduce the overall weight of the bike. A characteristic feature of the time trial bike is the aerodynamic handlebars, which allow the rider to ride in a particularly stretched position. The tires are narrow and smooth to minimize rolling resistance and achieve higher speed. Time trial bikes are often used on longer distances where speed and efficiency are most important. They are particularly suitable for time trials and triathlon competitions.

However, due to their specialized design, they are not as versatile as other types of road bikes. Other road bikes such as comfort or gravel/cyclocross road bikes are better suited for riding on difficult terrain or longer tours.

Still, time trial bikes offer an intriguing option for those who want to focus on riding fast and improving their performance. Overall, the different types of road bikes offer a wide range of options to suit every riding style and the individual needs of every rider. Choosing the right road bike depends on factors such as riding style, terrain and personal preferences. It is always important to test the bike thoroughly before purchasing to ensure that it meets your needs.

4. The comfort/marathon road bike


A Specialized Roubaix. A road bike that is more comfortable than a classic road bike.

The comfort/marathon road bike is one of the types of road bike that was specially developed for longer distances and rides with a high level of comfort. Compared to classic road bikes, it has some special features that increase riding comfort.

The main feature of the comfort/marathon road bike is the special frame made of carbon. This choice of material allows for a good combination of rigidity and flexibility, resulting in efficient power transmission while at the same time dampening vibrations. This reduces driver fatigue, especially on longer journeys. Another crucial feature is the seating position on the comfort/marathon road bike. Compared to the aerodynamic road bikes, the position is upright and more relaxed. This allows for a more natural posture and less strain on the back and wrists. The handlebar shape is also specifically designed for comfort and offers different grip positions. The tires also play an important role in the comfort/marathon road bike. They are wider and therefore offer better cushioning on uneven terrain. This allows the driver to drive safely and comfortably even off paved roads.

The comfort/marathon road bike is particularly suitable for riders who want to cover long distances without sacrificing comfort. It is a road bike that cuts a fine figure both on and off-road. Thanks to its lower weight compared to other types of road bikes, it is also fast on the move. Overall, the comfort/marathon road bike offers riders an ideal balance between speed and comfort. It enables longer rides with less fatigue and still offers enough sportiness for demanding routes.

5. Gravel/cyclocross road bike


A Specialized Diverge. This beautiful gravel bike even has integrated damping in the handlebars.

Another fascinating type of road bike that has gained popularity in recent years is the gravel or cyclocross road bike. These road bikes are specially designed for riding on different terrains and therefore offer a wide range of off-road uses.

The special feature of these road bikes lies in the frame and the tires. Gravel and cyclocross bikes have a robust frame that absorbs shock, making riding on uneven terrain more comfortable. The wider tires and a special tread allow for better traction on gravel paths or off-road. Another feature that distinguishes the gravel or cyclocross road bike from other types of road bikes is the handlebars. Many models of these road bikes are equipped with special handlebars that enable a more upright sitting position. This not only increases comfort on longer journeys, but also improves control of the bike.

A gravel or cyclocross road bike can be used for long rides on unfamiliar terrain as well as fast rides on paved roads. The robust construction of the bike makes it possible to safely tackle even difficult terrain. At the same time, these road bikes offer good performance on the road due to their lighter weight and the aerodynamic shape of the frame. For anyone who likes to go on adventurous trips off the beaten track, gravel or cyclocross road bikes are the perfect choice. They offer the opportunity to combine different types of road bikes and thus ride a variety of routes. Whether it's comfort, speed or tackling challenging terrain, these road bikes are ready for any challenge.