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The advantages and reasons why you should have a road bike!

* Carsten Bach, VeloBird September 18, 2023

The advantages and reasons why you should have a road bike!



If you're thinking about how quickly and efficiently you can get around the city, you should definitely consider getting a road bike. There are many advantages to owning such a bike, which we would like to list for you here.

What is a road bike?

Before we can talk about the benefits of road cycling, we should first look at the type of bike itself. A road bike is

an absolute speed miracle and enables efficient movement on paved surfaces thanks to the road handlebars and other special functions. Manufacture is made from either carbon fiber or aluminum alloy - materials of the highest quality and durability.

For hobby riders and athletes alike, the road bike is ideal as a training or competition bike. It can also score points in everyday life thanks to its efficiency: commuters will find a fast means of transport - better than any other in this price range!

Why should you get a road bike?

There are three compelling reasons why a road bike is a worthwhile investment for every rider:

  1. Speed: Although the speed of a bike depends on the fitness and strength of the cyclist, road bikes are generally faster than other models. With its aerodynamic design and large diameters as well as narrow tires, the road bike was specifically designed for high speeds.
  2. Lightness: The lightweight frame material makes it an ideal vehicle for smooth road conditions - but bumpy terrain should be avoided! The low mass ensures that you feel like you are flying on a cloud while flying with the wind.
  3. Efficiency: A light weight plus top speed results in the most effective means of transport - thanks to the low rolling resistance, you can cover the maximum distance with minimal effort!

The advantages of a road bike

The positive effects of road cycling on health are undeniable. In this article we would like to introduce you to some of the advantages, especially if you choose a road bike:

1. Cardio Training and Vitamin D

Road bike cycling is an excellent cardio workout because it involves speed and therefore increases your heart rate. You also have full control over your training by adjusting the speed - be it for pushing or relaxing.

Riding outdoors when the sun is shining can also make it easier for you to fill up on vitamin D - provided you wear suitable cycling clothing.

If weight loss is your goal: Regular riding burns excess body fat while improving your overall physical fitness and muscle strength; In addition, it even strengthens the immune system! This activity can also reduce sleep problems.

2. Travel in an environmentally friendly way

Cycling is one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport: cycling to work means fewer cars or motorcycles on the streets - therefore less traffic noise and exhaust fumes in your city!

By the way, you not only save money (compared to buying a car), but you still stay mobile!

3. Exercise in a way that is gentle on your joints

Running may have just as healthy effects as cycling - but injuries often occur with this sport. One study found that up to 33-44% of runners may experience muscle damage and about 24% may experience inflammation.

Road cycling, on the other hand, is a joint-friendly alternative with similarly positive effects on health - without having to risk excessive muscle injuries! However, you should always use a suitable bike of the right size.

Disadvantages of road bikes

Road bikes are designed for use on flat roads and are therefore only recommended for use on paved roads. Driving on uneven or rocky slopes is not possible with this type of bike. Riding a road bike also requires a certain level of skill, which can make it particularly unsuitable for beginners.

Another disadvantage is the price: most models are expensive and can hardly be financially supported by a broad audience. Nevertheless, road bikes remain extremely popular with many people - precisely because of their high speeds and sporty character!

In summary it can be said:

If you look into the advantages and disadvantages of road bikes, you will quickly realize that investing in such a bike can have a positive effect on your general well-being. There are numerous advantages, such as improved physical fitness or increased enjoyment of life.

In addition, a road bike allows you to expand your circle of friends. If you are currently looking for a specific brand - whether Canyon, Bianchi or Specialized - you are guaranteed to find the right model at VeloBird. VeloBird offers different brands and sizes and has helpful advisors to assist you. They will be happy to help you find the perfect bike for your needs - regardless of what riding style you prefer.