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Buy used mountain bikes at VeloBird!


The sport of mountain biking is very versatile, which is reflected in a variety of different mountain bikes (MTB). On VeloBird you can find these and other models as used MTB. Buying a used MTB is much cheaper than buying a new MTB.


What is a mountain bike?

A mountain bike is a very rugged bike with thick tires for riding off the paved road. Well, this description is a bit very general. Similar to road bikes, mountain bikes (MTB) have special wheels for different occasions. We present the most important models here:


Cross Country MTB

A cross country bike is very often used in competitions, is very light and is very suitable for riding uphill. Accordingly, such a bike is also built: The sporty seating position offers little comfort. 29 inches are now standard on all cross country MTB. The front suspension travel is between 100-120 mm. The handlebar is very straight and the brake discs are quite small to save weight.


All Mountain MTB

In the All Mountain Bike, compared to the Cross Country, the focus is a little more on downhill riding and jumps. Front and rear, these All Mountain bikes have about 130 mm of suspension travel.


Enduro MTB

The enduro bike is even more suitable for downhill riding than the All Mountain bike, but of course you have to make sacrifices when riding uphill. The tires are already a lot wider and the weight is somewhat higher. But an enduro is best suited for descents, jumps and bike parks. An Enduro bike is the best compromise of all worlds! An Enduro have a suspension travel of 150-180 mm and has a large cassette in the rear. Also, the handlebars are already more curved.


Downhill MTB

A downhill bike, or big bike, is designed for the extreme variants of mountain biking. Everything is practically designed for you to ride downhill and make jumps, so perfect for a bike park. The saddle alone is so low that riding uphill doesn't seem practical. So a downhill bike is a perfect second bike. The suspension travel is about 200 mm.



An e-mountain bike is simply an MTB with electronic assistance and they also come in different varieties. The goal is simple: create as many descents as possible! In the same time you create with an e-MTB more descents than with a MTB without electronic support.


Dirt Jump MTB

The Dirt Jump bikes look almost like a BMX bike, so they are very compact. The dirt jumps, as the name suggests, are designed for jumps and tricks. There are them with a suspension only in the front or also still with a suspension in the rear, but this only for emergencies, so very hard cushioned. There is only one brake, if any, and it is on the rear wheel.


Why is it good to buy a used MTB from VeloBird?


It's the nature of MTBs that they get a lot of use on rides and can be dirty or scratched after just one ride. In addition, almost all MTB have a suspension fork, which is a particularly wear part. Used MTB are therefore significantly cheaper than new MTB. The used MTB of VeloBird undergo a particularly close inspection. With a used MTB from VeloBird we give you the guarantee that the bike is in very good condition.