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Cannondale Topstone
Gravel Bike 2023 Campagnolo Ekar 13
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Santa Cruz Stigmata Gravel Bike
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Specialized W Works Crux Gravel
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Buy a used Gravel Bike at VeloBird!

Are you looking for a used gravel bike of high quality with warranty? You've come to the right place! VeloBird is a store specialized in used and beautiful gravel bikes. Our bikes are all professionally inspected and come with a 30-day return policy.


What is a gravel bike?

Is a gravel bike a road bike? That depends on what we mean by road bike. If a road bike is a bike with curved handlebars, skinny tires and a sporty riding position, then the gravel bike is a special type of road bike. This is because a gravel bike differs from the classic road bike in the following main ways:


* Wider tires, but with very little tread

* Relatively comfortable seating position

* Slightly wider handlebars

* Disc brakes are standard

* More robust components


These features make the gravel bike suitable not only for paved roads, but also for off-road or forest trails. The somewhat more comfortable seating position allows you to survive even long bike rides without pain. A gravel bike is somewhat heavier than a classic road bike due to its robustness. The frame of most gravel bikes is nowadays made of carbon or aluminum. But from time to time there are also beautiful gravel bikes made of steel.


What does a used gravel bike cost?

The question is not easy to answer, because Gravel Bikes vary greatly in quality and with used gravel bikes the condition also plays a big role. The price range of new gravel bikes is something between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. The models with aluminum frames are the cheap models and a cheap gravel bike made of carbon you get from about 2,000 €.


But why spend too much money on a gravel bike, if there is the possibility to buy gravel bikes in high quality also used. Used gravel bikes are often not the latest models, but they are often much cheaper. And what is worse about the older models? Often not much. After all, it is not a computer, where every 1-3 years significant changes are brought to the market. Often, gravel bikes only small changes to the latest models take place. Conclusion: New gravel bikes are significantly more expensive than used gravel bikes, even though they have received only small improvements.


At VeloBird you can find used gravel bikes in different price ranges and years of manufacture. With us you can find gravel bikes that are significantly cheaper than the new price. Used gravel bikes in a very good condition can be 50% cheaper than they cost when bought new. VeloBird inspects each gravel bike and replaces worn parts. So every gravel bike that leaves the VeloBird workshop is in high quality condition.


What should you look for when buying a used gravel bike online?

Watch out for hidden damage! Not always the used gravel bike has exactly the condition that you expected before buying. A slightly bent fork or small cracks in the carbon are not easy to see on photos, or were even hidden. No matter who takes responsibility for such damage in the end, such incidents cost a lot of time and some nerves. At VeloBird you don't have this risk, because we check every single gravel bike. Any scratches or minor damage we tell you transparently before you buy.


Pay attention to the correct shipping and delivery times! If you buy a used gravel bike online, the shipping plays a very important role. Is the gravel bike insured? When will the bike be shipped? Is the right packing material used? Is it professionally packed? Especially a carbon gravel bike is not easy to pack for safe shipping. VeloBird packs each gravel bike quickly and professionally in a proper bike box and with special packing material.


Watch out for warranties and return policies! What if damage to the gravel bike is discovered later after purchase or the size doesn't quite fit? Private sellers exclude a right of return and also give no guarantees. A very big advantage of buying a used gravel bike at VeloBird is that we give a 30-day return policy on every bike.


Why should you buy a used gravel bike at VeloBird?

At VeloBird you can find a nice used gravel bikes and buying is easy, safe and fast.


We make sure that every gravel bike meets our standards: Each bike is high quality and in very good condition. Therefore, in our workshop, each gravel bike is checked and upgraded with new parts if necessary. After purchase, each gravel bike is packed quickly and professionally so that you receive it undamaged and safe. Another advantage is that we give a 30-day return policy on every used gravel bike.